Chemical in Turkey’s turkey will likely be banned

Chemical and biological agents used in turkey were found in the stomachs of some of the animals fed on the Thanksgiving feast, according to a government report obtained by The Washington Post.

The turkey meat and poultry products are being recalled because the food was contaminated with chemical agents.

The report was provided to the Trump administration by the USDA, which is conducting its own investigation into the incident.

The report, which was reviewed by The Post, said the agents were used to produce a chemical called diacetyl.

Diacetyl, also known as acetyl methanol, is used to soften proteins in foods.

The USDA has yet to determine if the turkey meat was contaminated.

The turkey has been sold in the United States since 1869, but the use of it in turkey and other foods is limited.

Last year, the FDA banned the use and sale of some food items containing turkey because of the use in the manufacture of diacetal.