Chemical Hazard Symbol for Carbohydrate Formula is Chemical Symbol for ‘Carbohydrate’

The chemical symbol for carbohydrate has been removed from the nutrition label of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The change was announced on Wednesday, but many experts were quick to say it was not the FDA’s fault.

The chemical symbol was in the form of a carb in an open letter to the FDA on Tuesday.

The letter addressed the issue of the carb symbol being removed from labels and urged the agency to re-evaluate the symbol for all food products.

It added that the symbol “is an important symbol for the public and health-care professionals who have to make a clear distinction between carbohydrate and fat in their diets and health care products.”

But many nutrition experts disagreed.

The Carbohydrate Information Institute, an advocacy group that advocates for healthy nutrition, called the decision “ridiculous” and said the symbol was important.

“What the FDA really needs to do is put a warning label on it for people who have had severe side effects from eating carb-containing foods and drinks,” said the group’s chief nutritionist, Dr. Lisa Brown.

“I don’t think the public should be misled by a warning symbol.”

The Carbohydrates Council of America, a group representing food and beverage manufacturers, said the change is an appropriate way to help consumers understand the dangers of eating carbs and that it is “unnecessary.”

The FDA’s change is a step in the right direction, said Dr. Andrew Weil, a food and nutrition expert at Duke University.

“The FDA is making a real effort to get more accurate information from the food industry, which is one of the biggest sources of public health information,” Weil said.

The FDA said in a statement on Wednesday that it has worked with the carb group to get the symbol back.

“It’s been a challenging process and we’re happy to have a change to show that our new carb symbol is accurate and meaningful,” the agency said.

“This symbol is designed to give people the right information to make informed food choices.

It’s a reminder that the American diet contains a lot of carbs and can be a real health concern.”

The carb symbol was introduced in 2007.

Its current version is the Carbohydrate Label on the Nutrition Label, and it is designed for food products labeled as containing more than 10 percent of carbohydrates.