When does the next cougar chemical name become a vss chemical?

By MATT KAUFMAN/WASHINGTON (Reuters) — A chemical company said on Thursday it has settled a lawsuit by a man who claimed he suffered serious allergic reactions to a cougar that has been used in Chinese labs for more than a century.

The chemical company, a joint venture of China National Chemical Corporation and Swiss chemical maker Syngenta, said in a statement that the man was in remission after two years of treatment and was able to resume his job at a local chemical factory.

Syngenta said it will pay the man more than $1 million to settle the lawsuit.

The company did not say how much the settlement will cost.

The lawsuit, filed in the Southern District of New York, alleged that Syngents cougars were “used as the foundation of laboratory experiments and industrial processes that are responsible for creating synthetic pharmaceuticals.”

The lawsuit also claimed that Chinese chemical companies had been supplying cougars with a chemical that was known to be a toxic chemical.

(Reporting by Matt Kaufman; Editing by Michael Perry)