Chemical face peel ‘is the first step to end global health crisis’

Chemical face-wiping is the first “step” to end the global health emergency, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

Key points:The chemical is known as SarcosporinThe WHO said the drug can cause serious health consequences”The World Health Organisation (WHO) said its first chemical skin-prick test shows no health risk”The WHO has called on people to stop using chemical products immediately”The use of chemicals in cosmetics and household products is a global health and human rights crisis and needs to be addressed, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the WHO’s director general.”

The new chemical skin peel test is the most direct and rigorous way to monitor the safety of products, which is why we are now recommending that consumers stop using any chemicals that have been identified as being a potential risk,” he said.”

Sarcosperin, a widely used chemical, is the world’s most widely used skin-wipe.

“It was the first test to show no health risks, Fauco said, although the WHO said it will continue to work with regulators and others to identify other chemicals and make further testing available.

The WHO added that people should not use chemical products that they think are safe or that they believe are safe because they may contain other potentially harmful substances, such as solvents.

The WHO is calling on people around the world to stop use of chemical products and to stop worrying about their health.

Fauci said the WHO is now reviewing its safety assessments of more than 80 products to ensure they meet the requirements of the new test.